Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Digital Tools - Room Assignment

Step 1.

Step. 2


This assignment I felt I was definitely pushed out of my comfort-zone, as I generally lean more toward character-based paintings. This is usually because I feel I have a bit of difficulty with more technical aspects of painting, so I'm glad I had this time to practice one of my weaknesses. The parts of the painting that I felt the most difficult were in the shadow cast by the chair as well as the reflection in the window. These areas, I believe, could have the benefit of a bit more refinement. The strengths of it I see are in the cast shadows, particularly the drapes and chair. I chose the lamp light source behind the couch as I felt it could cast the most interesting shadows composition-wise, which I think helped highlight everything. It also aids in guiding the eye toward a possible character sitting in the couch. If there is anything I would change about this painting, it would be to add more texture to the wood panels, which I think would make it more believable. 

In the end, I felt I gained more confidence in painting layouts with this assignment.

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