Saturday, 31 December 2011

Lurtz Krieg Painting

VOILA!!! That took a while... I only did about an hour a day since the break started.

Anywho, here's his bio:

When seeking an audience with the Adaman King, one would be quick to notice the intense and irritable warrior towering beside him. As the personal guard of the King, Lurtz is highly regarded amongst the Adaman Military.

A tragic product of the barbarian raids among the Southern nations, Lurtz was abandoned as a child at the Adaman Military academy. Suffering racism and loathing amongst his fellow classmates, Lurtz became motivated to prove his strength and gain respect. As he was far more concentrated and serious than others at the Academy, Lurtz quickly ascended the military ranks.

Despite his annoyance at most other warriors (especially ones he considers cowardly), he values teamwork and companionship more than any other trait. Justice is always his number one priority.

A gruff and seasoned veteran of war, Lurtz is one of the most dangerous men in the Adaman Kingdom.

Alignment: Lawful Good. 

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sketches Again!!

Try to get in 3-4 pages a day...

Here's some from today!

(apologies for the filth quality, don't have a decent way to document such a big sketchbook)

Monday, 26 December 2011

Jeckyl to Hyde... Long Overdue

Just realized I never added my Jeckyl to Hyde! Paint job looks a little bit filthy after all this time... but thats cool!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Winter Break Sketches...

Just trying to restart the art brain after a week of brain hibernation... gonna do some more later this week!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Digital Tools - Character and Background Assignment

Step 1. Initial Sketch

Step 2. Colour Exploration.

Step 3. Line Cleanup

Step 4. Flats.

Step 5. Beast rendering.

Step 6. Debris and overlays.

Step 7. Boobula rendering.

Step 8. Final.

This painting I created for the final assignment is a combination of two characters established in my earlier Head and Hands and Creature Designs. I wanted to create a high-octane fight scene, as most of my earlier work is a static pose that simply demonstrates the character/environment. I established the same atmosphere of my Creature Design in order to create the grim and disgusting attitude the Filth Beast generates. The style also this time was not a render, but rather a more hard-lined and inked approach.

I created the sketch as dirty and filthy as I could as possible, like a gesture, in order to establish the energy. Afterwards I made the digital inking in Sai using the vector tool (which gives me free reign over the width of the lines).

As usual, I added the flats within the lines. I then completely rendered the background before jumping into the characters, which I rendered as well. When all was said and done with the render, I created overlays and green reflective lighting to act as cohesion to the background.

This ended up being a very fun painting to complete, as this was very far out of comfort range, with the large sky, high energy, and interacting characters. I feel satisfied with the end result, and I hope to keep pushing my painting skills even after this semester.

- David

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


My latest animation assignment. Done majorly quick... gotta stop last-minute-ing my animations.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

General Life Drawing Dump... Again!

Here's some more lifedrawings from today! My timing was off a bit today, felt a little sluggish (note the myriad of incomplete drawings), but I felt they were generally expressive as I want.

1 min.

1 min.

1 min.

1 min.

1 min.

1 min.

3 min.

3 min.

3 min.

3 min.

5 min.

5 min.

7 min.

- David