Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Head and Hands Painting Assignment

For this assignment I chose to paint the character I created for Character Design class named Bloodfeather. I tried to encompass her emotion on the battlefield, which is bloodlust. I initially wanted to draw a much more contorted expression similar to that of the Maori Warriors, who stick out their tongue and while performing war dances. I quickly realized this looked incredibly stupid, so I intentionally made the look with more allure rather than a psychotic one. I then tweaked the anatomy and slightly changing the character design, I used the drawing program Sai to create the lines. I ended up doing the greyscale tones in Sai as well, before jumping into Photoshop to place the colour flats. After that, I created the skin tones using a multiplied layer and overlay, playing with the possible tones. I decided to use a light blue background as that would complement the earthy-toned character. After placing some wrapping blue shadow and gradient, I finished off my painting of Bloodfeather.

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