Saturday, 31 December 2011

Lurtz Krieg Painting

VOILA!!! That took a while... I only did about an hour a day since the break started.

Anywho, here's his bio:

When seeking an audience with the Adaman King, one would be quick to notice the intense and irritable warrior towering beside him. As the personal guard of the King, Lurtz is highly regarded amongst the Adaman Military.

A tragic product of the barbarian raids among the Southern nations, Lurtz was abandoned as a child at the Adaman Military academy. Suffering racism and loathing amongst his fellow classmates, Lurtz became motivated to prove his strength and gain respect. As he was far more concentrated and serious than others at the Academy, Lurtz quickly ascended the military ranks.

Despite his annoyance at most other warriors (especially ones he considers cowardly), he values teamwork and companionship more than any other trait. Justice is always his number one priority.

A gruff and seasoned veteran of war, Lurtz is one of the most dangerous men in the Adaman Kingdom.

Alignment: Lawful Good. 

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