Monday, 14 November 2011

Digital Tools - Vehicle Assignment

Step 1. Construction.

Step 2. Clean lines.

Step 3. Flats.
Step 4. General tones.

Step 5. Refinement.

Step 6. Further Refinement.

Step 7. Yeah.

For this assignment I decided to create a car in the style of Steampunk. I used references such as wood panelling, tractors, and the design of the Ford Model-T to create the construction of the initial sketch. I then cleaned up the sketch in Sai, using the Vector tool to get as clean a line as possible. After this step, and layed in the flats. I researched and used steampunk colour schemes, which generally consist of wood, bronze, and dingy metals. These tones I rendered using darker tones, followed by reflective lighting from the ground. This was in an effort to push the three-dimensional feel of the car. I also placed highlights upon the key areas of the car hit by the primary light source. After a simple drop shadow, the Steampunk Landrover was complete.

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