Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Digital Tools - Superhero Background Painting

Step 1. Lines

Step 2. Flats

Step 3. General Colouring

Step 4. Detail of background

Step 5. Detail of weapon storage.

Step 6. Bridge detail.

Step 7. Final painting.

The layout was based upon a line drawing I made in Second Semester. Though I felt that the initial drawing was weak, I began to experiment with it's dimensions, angles, and textures until I found as stronger composition.

 Once I had achieved this, I placed flats, and this time on a much higher amount of layers than I normally would. Because of this, I was able to have a much more polished and clean look throughout the steam-lined and metallic background. I mirrored the objects and dropped textures on top of the stones and concrete as well, giving the painting more volume and depth.

I began to drop in details afterwards, such as the superhero's costume, the car in the distance, the objects in the locker, and the gun stash.

As this was such an earlier (and weaker) layout assignment, I believe this painting went very well in the end.

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